The Street Complete phone app for collecting OpenSteetMap data in the field. It shows a digital map of a residential area with icons showing where data is missing or needs updating.

We Can All Now Be Mappers

With digital apps we can now all be mappers, but most of us aren’t. Here's how the Public Map Platform project is going to help

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Prof. Scott Orford
Thu 18 July 2024
The image depicts a lively classroom setting with a group of young school children gathered around a table. In the centre of the table is an air quality monitor, which is the focal point of the children's attention. They are intently looking at the device, some leaning in closely, indicating curiosity and interest. The classroom is brightly lit with large windows allowing natural light to flood in. The background shows more students sitting at desks, working on various activities, and the walls are adorned with educational posters and colourful decorations. The overall atmosphere is one of engagement and learning.

How measuring air quality can help us to build a healthier environment

Ever wondered about the air we breathe inside schools? Air quality plays a crucial role in health and learning. This blog delves into why monitoring air quality is essential, especially in places where children spend much of their day. Pollutants can cause respiratory issues and hinder concentration, so measuring air quality leads to healthier, more productive schools. Focusing on schools, which are community hubs, can also set the stage for broader awareness and action. Discover innovative ways to turn science lessons into hands-on activities, fostering curiosity and a love for learning. Ready to make a difference? Dive in and see how together we can help create a healthier, more informed future for our children.

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Multiple authors
Mon 8 July 2024
The Mandala of Ynys Môn: An outline model of Ynys Môn made of cardboard. The inside of it is divided into sections, each part filled with a different  kind of object, e.g., corks, spectacle lenses, stones, LEGO, stones, pine cones, marbles and shoelaces.

What is a Map?

Play:Disrupt are reminded that children will always outplay them as they experiment with methods for co-designing digital maps

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Malcolm Hamilton
Wed 26 June 2024
A node map on a geographical map background.  The node map is made up of yellow, teal, pink and lime green circles with links in between the circles.  Each node has a unique label.  For example, a node labelled ‘uneasiness in stairwell’ is connected to another node labelled ‘normalised drug use’.  There is also a filter box with buttons to show or hide different node groups.

Prototyping new technologies: Creating new kinds of maps that explore the interconnectedness of community wellbeing

Free Ice Cream talk about the principles they bring to the community mapping tools they make. From making something that’s fun to use, to helping communities ask better questions about how and why they live as they do. The mapping tools being developed in the Public Map Platform are highly innovative.

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Sam Howey Nunn
Wed 19 June 2024
The image depicts an abstract digital artwork with lines and shapes resembling interconnected nodes or a cosmic network. The background is black, resembling outer space with scattered white dots representing stars. In the centre, there are two larger blue shapes, one appearing like an atom or nucleus with orbiting lines, and the other resembling a swirling vortex or spiral pattern. Slender, glowing blue lines crisscross the image, creating triangular and geometric patterns, connecting the central forms to each other and to the surrounding space. The overall effect evokes a sense of interconnectivity, complexity, and a visualisation of unseen forces or networks in the cosmos.

The What and Why of Inclusion

This blog looks at the importance and power of working inclusively within a team that is working in two languages, across cultures, with multiple organisations, a diversity of academic disciplines, each with its own technical language and a range of access needs and different communication styles.

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Dr. Anne Collis
Tue 4 June 2024
A macquette of a structure made with cardboard and sticks

Designing the Rural Roaming Room

An innovative space to imagine a better future

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Dr. Tristian Evans
Mon 8 April 2024
Sand dunes and grass with the ocean on the horizon and sun beams coming through the clouds

Ynys Môn/ Anglesey site visits with Natural Resources Wales

Preparing for a summer of activities with a whistle stop tour of sites managed by Natural Resources Wales on The Isle of Anglesey.

Aeronwy Williams
Wed 3 April 2024
Prof. Flora Samuel giving a presentation to the crowd

The PMP Whole Team Meeting

Reflections on the PMP whole team meeting

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Prof. Flora Samuel
Tue 12 March 2024